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Barielle - launches one of the best nail strengthener and cuticle care products on the market made with natural ingredients and which help your health
March 2007

Barielle Launches Three New Pre-Polish Products to Soothe, Smooth and Strengthen Finger Nails, made with natural ingredients for good health Intensive Cuticle Replenisher, Restorative Nail Serum, and Hydrating Ridge Filler Keep Nails Beautiful from Tips to Toes

Great Neck, NY - When it comes to spring weather and your nails, a good "rule of thumb" is to abide by the three S's: Soothe, Smooth and Strengthen. In order to prime and strengthen your nails for the season's best pretty polishes, Barielle has launched three new products designed to restore vitality and texture to winter weather-ravaged cuticles, nail beds and nails.

Soothe! Intensive Cuticle Replenisher with Mango Butter cares for your cuticles with a comforting salve of rich Oils, Mango Butter, Beeswax, nourishing Wheat Germ and Vitamin B, to rescue ragged, dry cuticle beds and nails. Simply rub this petroleum-free lemon-scented balm into nail beds day or night to restore moisture. MSRP: $15.00, Size: .50 Fl. Oz.

Smooth! Hydrating Ridge Filler with Silk Fiberis a treatment lacquer formulated with Silk Fiber to fill in imperfections and provide smooth nail surface. Water and Vitamin E replenish the nail's moisture balance to prevent brittleness and provide flexibility. Apply one coat before polishing to achieve an even nail surface and the best strengthener nails ever. MSRP: $16.00, Size: .50 Fl. Oz.

Strengthen! Restorative Nail Serum is a light, dual-action serum designed to deliver the strengthening agent Nonycosine-E directly to the fingernail plate in a healthy, natural way. This dual action nail care product also cleanses and primes nails with a multi-fruit complex of Alpha Hydroxy Acids. Apply one coat over clean nails, allow it to dry, and repeat. Follow with one of Barielle's base coats. MSRP: $16.00, Size: .50 Fl. Oz.

About Barielle
As a company that began with a unique approach to treating, protecting and maintaining nails, Barielle has evolved into one of the leading prestige nail, hand and foot care lines sold world-wide. Over the past 30 years, Barielle has stood apart in its dedication to delivering and maintaining quality products with visible results for truly healthy and beautiful nails, hands and feet. Barielle uses safe, effective and natural ingredients including Keratin, Protein, Vitamins, and Oil and Plant Extracts. Absolutely none of Barielle's creams and lacquers contains formaldehyde, toluene or dibutyl-phthalate, ingredients that are harsh irritants. For more information, please visit

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