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Remedy for Cracked Heels and Removing Calluses
November 2008

Heeling Power: Barielle Introduces Heel and Callus Treatment Cream, A Remedy for Cracked Heels.

Designed exclusively for feet in need of extra "heeling power," Barielle's Heel and Callus Treatment Cream is the answer to your pedicure prayers and a remedy for cracked heels. Created to quickly take your feet from damaged and dry to smooth and silky, this new treatment will have you walking on air in time for the strappy sandal season of spring.

This results-oriented treatment helps in removing calluses, a thickening and hardening of the skin resulting from repeated contact to hard surfaces, as well as relieving painful fissures and cracks that form on the heel.

The exclusive callus removing formulation includes a high concentration of rich emollients and softening agents including Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Soybean Oil and Stearic Acid, as well as marine-derived Sea Kelp Extract and Algae Extract to drench dry skin in moisture.

Apply to the entire foot, concentrating on the heel or affected areas. For best results, apply before bedtime under socks, allowing the product to penetrate overnight and remedy cracked heels.

Professional Tip: Celebrity Manicurist Elle: "Calluses can also be a sign of receiving your pedicures in the wrong places-bacterial infections can pose as dry skin and be the true culprit of cracked heels and callus build up. Avoid getting pedicures in salon chairs, instead opt for a salon that uses basins without jets and that your nail technician properly cleans the equipment."

"Summer flat flip flops can displace the fat pads on your heels--as comfortable as they are, it is best to switch up your footwear with proper summer shoes."

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