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Restore Your Healthy Finger Nails After Chemotherapy - Barielle
June 2009

Restore Health to Your Nails After Chemotherapy Barielle Nail Care Helps Keep Finger Nails Healthy after Chemotherapy

New York, NY - June, 2009 - Just like your hair, chemotherapy also affects your nails' health and texture. Changes in your nails that may occur include weakening, dryness, splitting and cracking. Infusing your weekly at-home or in-salon manicure routine with products that provide extra care, nourishment and strength for your nails can help minimize the damage caused to them by chemotherapy.

Barielle, experts in the nail, hand and footcare industry for over 40 years, recommends their legendary Nail Strengthener Cream for nails weakened by chemotherapy. This trusted formula including glycerin, vegetable protein and vitamin e that helps finger nails grow healthier and stronger while resisting splits, peels and breaks. For an oil-based treatment, Barielle's Intensive Nail Renewal Oil replenishes healthy oils to the finger nails to improve flexibility and avoid breakage.

To seal in hydration and relieve dry and scaly skin, daily moisturization is essential. Barielle's Professional Protective Hand Cream and Total Foot Care Cream will help keep hands and feet smooth. To restore your finger nail's healthy PH balance without burning your skin, incorporate apple cider vinegar instead of water into your weekly manicure.

Preventative attention you can also bestow on your nails comes in the form of treatments designed to reduce damage such as dryness and ridges, and even infections caused by ragged cuticles. Never cut cuticles as this can lead to infection; instead push cuticles back with an orange stick and use a minimizing gel to soften, minimize and moisturize cuticles.

Using a treatment base coat will address specific concerns like ridges and dryness. Barielle offers a range of treatment lacquers that provide a smooth base for polish while they also treat nails. If you polish your nails, a clear, sheer or light shade should be used. Darker shades can mask fungus and promote the growth of bacteria that grows in dark places. Healthy finger and toe nails should also be kept short to avoid sharp edges that might instigate minor cuts.

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