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Cuticle Saver Kit

The Cuticle Saver Kit by Barielle: Every Hand's Perfect Frame

In the heart of New York City, where the rhythm of life is set by the artisans, craftsmen, and everyday heroes, hands are more than just tools—they're storytellers. From the seamstress in Brooklyn, threading stories with every stitch, to the carpenter in Queens, whose hands breathe life into wood, their cuticles often reveal the tales of their toil.

Understanding the need for a product that caters to these hardworking hands, Barielle introduces the Cuticle Saver Kit. This all-in-one kit includes a cuticle remover, cuticle cream, and cuticle oil. Originally priced at $30, it's now available for just $15—a value that's as incredible as the results it delivers.

But the stories of its effectiveness aren't just ours to tell:

Anonymous shared on January 21, 2022, "I ordered this to help with my very dry cuticles. It is soothing and has a lovely light almond fragrance. Within a few days of use, I've noticed much improvement! I highly recommend this product."
VCOOK raved on June 7, 2022, "I Love this product and the smell is very nice. Love that it has natural ingredients because I try to stay away from nail products that have a lot of chemicals! Love It 😊."
Spt mentioned on June 18, 2023, "I saw improvement immediately. It adds to the aroma therapy at bedtime."

Every hand has a story, and with the Cuticle Saver Kit by Barielle, it's a story framed perfectly. Dive into the world of holistic hand care, available now on and Amazon. Your hands, the narrators of your journey, will thank you.