Barielle Mother's Day Bundle 2023


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This deluxe collection includes each of the following:

  • Barielle Calcium Infusion Strengthening Base Coat
  • Barielle Icycle Top Coat
  • Two Barielle Protect+ Nail Colors
    Allie's Lace Coverup and Flirtini
  • Plus a FREE Glitter Nail File



Barielle Calcium Infusion Base Coat

Barielle proudly introduces its Calcium Infusion Nail Strengthening Base Coat! This product has been formulated as a dual functioning nail treatment. It provides ultimate base coat adhesion and also prepares the nail surface for optimum nail polish application.

Our new Calcium Infusion Base Coat provides an intense treatment which promotes strong, healthy nails, stimulates growth, heals nails and improves elasticity to prevent breakage.

Barielle's Calcium Infusion Base Coat is infused with Calcium Pantothenate and Prosina, the perfect combination of an anti-oxidant and a hydrolyzed keratin. Both of these ingredients moisturize the skin and strengthen the nail, leading to stronger, healthier, and more beautiful nails. 

13.9 ml / .47 Fl. Oz.

Apply one coat of Calcium Infusion Nail Strengthening Base Coat to clean, dry nails 2-3 times a week, or as a base coat under nail polish.

Barielle Icycle Ultra Shine Top Coat

Want beauti

Icycle Ultra Shine Top Coat, Barielle's exciting formulation for a flawless, high-gloss nail lacquer finish.

This innovative top coat acts as a clear shield to provide a bright, transparent color enhancer. Icycle Ultra Shine Top Coat smooths minor surface imperfections and acts as a barrier to protect nails. Developed to provide a fast drying, non-yellowing, high-gloss finish to extend the longevity of your nail color.

Our ground-breaking formula uses flexible plasticizers to maintain a flexible and resistant film on nails, preventing chips and cracks.

  • Provides an icy, ultra-gloss finish
  • Insta-Dri Formula
  • Anti-chip for extended nail color wear
  • Non-yellowing
  • Protective barrier to shield against environmental elements


Size: 14 ml / 0.47 fl oz

How to Use: For a flawless nail polish finish, allow final nail polish coat to dry to the touch prior to applying topcoat. Apply one coat of Icycle Ultra Shine Top Coat.


Barielle Protect+ Nail Colors

Barielle, known for pioneering Hand & Nail Treatments is putting the power in a new Protect + Color Prosina collection. Protect+ Nail Color with Prosina provides flawless coverage along with outstanding durability.

Prosina based collection is patented ingredient made up of hydrolyzed keratin which moisturizes, strengthens nails, stimulates growth and improves elasticity.

With the new Protect Plus Color our polypeptide formulation works to repair thin, weak brittle nails while strengthening hard-to-grow nails.

  • Flirtini - A Flirtatious Fuchsia 
  • Allie's Lace Coverup - A Muted Dusty Pink