Incredible Foot Duo - 4 oz. Total Foot Care Cream + 6 oz. Rejuvenating Foot Treatment

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Rough, dry, cracked, callused, over-worked feet? Put the bounce back in your step with Barielles award winning Total Foot Care Cream.

Barielles Total Foot Care Cream will soothe, protect and aid the driest, most chapped, callused feet. Infused with a light baby powder fragrance, your feet will be barefoot, summer sandal ready in a matter of weeks!

Total Foot Care Cream does not contain any skin peeling ingredients such as acid or camphor, so those with sensitive skin may reap the benefits of this wonder cream.


Put the bounce back in your step, with Barielle's Rejuvenating Foot Treatment. This Award Winning foot treatment is a rich conditioning cream, containing botanical extracts and vitamins which help restore cracked, chapped skin. Additionally, this powerful blend also contains, Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy Acids which will help exfoliate the skin and will leave your hard working feet feeling like they have spent the day at the spa.

  • A rich conditioning cream that contains botanical extracts and vitamins which help restore cracked and chapped skin.
  • Contains Glycolic and Alpha Hydroxy Acids that help exfoliate and reveal younger looking skin
  • Apply liberally to feet and massage thoroughly in a circular motion twice a day (morning & night)

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: United States of America

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